Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I become a free range egg producer?

A: Firstly go and see your local council and enquire about Regulations and guidelines regarding keeping Poultry as:

  • You might need resourse consent.
  • Other issues you may need to supply information for could be vehicle access to the proposed sheds.
  • A vermin management plan.
  • The exact positioning of your proposed poultry sheds etc.
  • Talking to your neighbors about your idea and putting them in the picture straight away is always a good idea as well as ill informed rumors will always circulate.
  • (When we were starting up, we were going to have 300,000 birds according to a lady up our road- yeah right!)
  • You should also be looking at costs like construction (if required), Bird costs, Fencing & feeders etc and also feed costs (delivered).

Q: What do commercial chickens eat?

A: The birds should be eating high quality feeds from reparable suppliers which produced to the ‘Agri Quality' standards. Some ingredients include barley, maize, linseed, Lucerne and meat meal.